• GLE in Panama City

GLE in Panama City

  • April 8th, 2014

The World Economic Forum hosted the first in-person meeting of the Global Learning Exchange (GLE), alongside the World Economic Forum Latin America summit in Panama City. The GLE meeting, titled “Investing for Impact in […]

  • February Webinar (Recording and Resources)

February Webinar (Recording and Resources)

  • March 10th, 2014

The second virtual meeting of the GLE was webcast live from Berlin, coming on the heels of the third G8 Taskforce meeting. Featuring Sir Ronald Cohen, in conversation with Rosemary Addis, the Webinar provided […]

  • January Webinar (Recording and Resources)

January Webinar (Recording and Resources)

The January Webinar of the Global Learning Exchange focused on “The Role of Public Sector Leadership in Enabling Social Innovation.” The discussion was led by Rosemary Addis (Impact Investing Australia and Impact Investing Policy Collaborative); […]

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In June 2013, the UK government presided over the G8 summit in Northern Ireland, prior to which the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, hosted the G8 Social Impact Investment Forum on June 6, 2013 in London.

The Social Impact Investment Forum highlighted a shared ambition to move the social impact investment market towards maturity and global scale and included 150 high-level government officials, philanthropists, business and finance executives, social entrepreneurs, and academics who have been leaders in the field. The aim of the event was to build a platform to catalyze the global market for social impact investment – a key component of which was an initiative introduced that day, the Global Learning Exchange (GLE).

The GLE was proposed in response to the need for an inclusive platform for cross-sector collaboration to further the networks and knowledge base on impact investing.

The UK Cabinet Office has invited the World Economic Forum together with the Impact Investing Policy Collaborative (IIPC), to curate and convene a GLE that is truly global in reach – extending from the G8 to the G20, and beyond – inclusive in its approach, and focused on sharing best practices.

The GLE is created as a complement to existing market knowledge and infrastructure, elevating and amplifying the expertise of leading practitioners and networks. The GLE will provide a resource for global peer-to-peer learning on social impact investment among public officials, investors, philanthropic and civil society organizations, international financial institutions, and business leaders with a nexus to policy.

The GLE will organize regular virtual meetings for public engagement, and will maintain a knowledge-sharing space through this website. Further, the GLE will also convene in-person meetings to expand cross-sector debate on issues of public leadership and the impact investing market.

The open learning and partnership approach of the GLE was applauded by UK Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd MP, at its announcement at the G8 Social Impact Investment Forum in June.

The GLE is currently supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation and the UK Cabinet Office.


For Leaders

Provides opportunities to advance policy and business strategy priorities, including at GLE summits alongside World Economic Forum regional meetings.

For Practitioners

Provides a platform for identifying and sharing what works across sectors, and assistance navigating global approaches and connecting with people, information, and models.

For New Players

Provides an open tool for navigating the rapidly growing knowledge base to know who to contact, where to look for information, and what to do to progress social impact investment.
Cabinet Office

Cabinet Office

Impact Investing Policy Collaborative

Impact Investing Policy Collaborative

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum




WEBINAR Social Enterprise in Latin America: Takeaways for Success12:00 pm - 1:30 pm OnlineEvent Organized By: Global Learning Exchange Event Type :Webinar



GLE Regional Summit(All Day: tuesday) Manila, PhilippinesEvent Organized By: Global Learning Exchange Event Type :Meeting



GLE Regional Summit(All Day: tuesday) Tianjin, ChinaEvent Organized By: Global Learning Exchange Event Type :Meeting



Nick Hurd MP, Minister of Civil Society, Government of the UK announced the formation of the Global Learning Exchange at the G8 Social Impact Investment Forum held in London on June 6, 2013.